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The Uniting of Two into One

In the summer of 2005, GOD birthed a new ministry in the Clearwater Valley with the merger of Clearwater Alliance Church and Discovery Bible Fellowship to form Orofino Community Church.  Over the course of a few months, leadership meetings, prayer and fellowship were promoted and the Lord led the two congregations to merge together in the fall of 2005.  During this time, Rev. Jay Johnson, who was serving as the interim pastor at Clearwater Alliance Church, and Pastor Bill Hayne, serving as pastor of Discovery Bible Fellowship, joined together and served as the pastoral leadership.  Shortly following the merger, one of the first priorities was naming the church and so became Orofino Community Church of The Christian and Missionary Alliance (OCC).

Although both churches were always one in Jesus Christ, there was a great deal of adjustment which needed to occur.  Existing ministries needed to find cohesion, schedules adjusted, traditions shared, new Bylaws needed to be written, and a full-time pastor needed to be found.  Pastor Jay was ready to return to retirement and Pastor Bill sensed God was calling him to remain in his position at Lewis and Clark State College.  As a result, the search for OCC’s first full-time pastor began.

In the Fall of 2006, OCC extended a call to Rev. Terry Gugger, who accepted and moved he and his family to Orofino, ID at the beginning of November.